The MOOCs of the Future

Question Player provides a unique experience of online learning. We want you to have fun, with people who love to learn and grow, like you.

Take quizzes related to your centre of interests to strengthen or refresh your knowledge. Then compete with others on quizzes to meet new people and get your daily shot of adrenalin!

We will then try and suggest new subjects related to what we know of your centre of interests.

Defy your friends

Challenge your friends and crush them

You compete with others on quizzes, in real-time battles but also at different times, by sharing a playlist of questions with your friends.

If you train with us, you can't lose, you will destroy them. Just make sure they don't know that, so that they accept the challenge...

Share your stats

View and share your stats

You have access to a complete review of your performance, and feel satisfied while seeing your amazing scores. You can share precisely what you want with the public, and hide the rest, so your friends really believe that you are intelligent.

We think that being proud of yourself after you learnt something successfully is very important.

Schedule reminders by email and never forget anything again!

Never forget anything again

It is scientifically established that you shall forget 80% of the things you learnt within the next 6 months... What a waste of time and energy... But we have the solution!

With our knowledge management system, schedule reminders on specific subjects to review the concepts you want to remember. For example, receive an email every week with a selection of questions to remind you important concepts that you previously studied.


Share your expertise and help others learn

Share your knowledge with the community!

Create questions and slides on subjects you master to earn valuable points to spend in our boutique!

Explaining to others is also the best way to learn something yourself...